Mick Brandenberger

“Hogback Trail”

30" x 60" Alkyd on Panel

Brief Description:
While in Utah we traveled the scenic route 12 near Capitol Reef National Park. As we ascended to higher elevation we reached a hogback trail, which is a narrow trail along the highest ridge such that both sides have a steep and to some a frightening descent. A resident shop owner described both the history of this trail as settlers used it and the fear that some locals have of traveling on it. One man who has lived there for 20 years still refuses to use route 12 in that direction. Others have stopped and walked away from their cars due to their fear of this precipice. The point of this experience is that I felt an exhilarating sensation of being at the top of the world as if I could see far away places beyond my immediate environment. This painting is more than being about this particular hogback trail as it might have looked to the early settlers it is also about that sensation of seeing a wide world.

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